Dean Duncanson
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Obituary of Dean Vern Duncanson

So, I'm sitting here this morning, a box of Kleenex on one side and the death certificate on the other, trying to write my dad's obituary and I just....can't.


I can't sum up "Dunk's" life in an article filled with meaningless facts about where he was born and when he died and what organizations he belonged to and jobs he had in his life or how he was preceded in death by his parents and siblings. Or, that he is survived by his only child, a daughter that always idolized him as well as several nieces and nephews. I want people to remember him as a kind yet simple man with good old-fashioned values, like always holding the door for a lady and saying 'excuse my french' when something colorful accidentally slipped out. I want them to remember his dry sense of humor and silly sayings about how when he was a kid, he had "to walk uphill, both ways in 3 feet of snow to get to and from school". I want them to remember that he was a cowboy, at heart, never seen without his boots and belt buckle that bore his initials. He taught me to ride bareback before he would buy a saddle and to drive a stick shift before an automatic because 'you never know when it might come in handy'.


He was a strong and quiet man, never one to share his feelings much, but if he loved you, you knew it...and if he didn't, you knew that too.


Dean was a gentle soul and will be missed by all. "Rest in peace Daddy".

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