Pamella Floyd
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Obituary of Pamella Floyd

Pam was born August 12, 1978 in Bremerton WA to Jed C Dean and Janet L Iremonger and left our side on April 4th 2017 in Coeur d’Alene ID after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Pam was ALMOST the oldest of 3 girls, but her twin Ami made it out 2 minutes sooner and Katie followed a few years later. Pam met the love of her life, Aaron Floyd, when she was only 14 years old. They beat the odds of most high school sweethearts and remained together until her passing. Pam and Aaron have one daughter together Andrea “Andi” Floyd and numerous nieces, nephews, and “strays.” No one had a larger heart than Pam. She would take in anyone in need and MAKE them family. She loved “adopting” new people. Pam was a resident of Humboldt County for 12 years until she moved to the place she always knew she belonged, Bonners Ferry ID. She spent the last 10 years of her life in an area where she could do ALL the things she loved which included camping, fishing, hunting trips with her husband, knitting during the long winters, and spending time with her family and friends. Pam had a major passion for knitting. She loved making socks, hats and all things knittable. Pam was accomplished in making yarn, from the beginning to the end. She loved dying her own yarn with her daughter and various nieces and nephews. Pam’s favorite yarn was a tie between gifted squishy yarn and purple squishy yarn. She loved all animals from the lowliest rat to horses, but she really loved her dogs…the other babies. Pam loved nothing else more than being a mom and wife. Pam had many different jobs outside the home, but her most recent job working at Dr. Pam Svec’s office was her favorite.

Pam is survived by her adoring husband Aaron Floyd and her angel Andi Floyd (Katrina), her father Jed Dean (Janice), her mother Janet Iremonger, her sisters Ami Bergin (Brian) and Katie Dean, her mother in law and friend Kate Lanferman. She is also survived by numerus family members and the friends she made family. Here’s and abbreviated list: April Odonahue and family, Dr. Pam Svec and family, Shawn Thissell and family, Dunavan Casey and family, Vicki Dillard and family, the original and favorite stray Malorie Harmeyer, plus everyone she knew. She made everyone her family.

Pam was preceded in death by Grandfather Wesley Dean, Grandmother Sadie Dean, Uncle Dale Dean, Uncle Sheryl Dean, and Papa John Musgrave.

“When I first met Pam, we were at Swimmers delight. Her best friend was dating my best friend. I spent 3 weeks trying to get her to just say “hi” to me. She would sit there and read her book the whole time. After 3 weeks of trying to get her to talk to me, she finally started…and she never stopped.” -Aaron

“My mom made driving an adventure. I can’t count the times she drove the wrong way down a one-way street because she was distracted by a yarn shop, or an animal, or her new favorite song came on the radio. I am still amazed no one was ever hurt. I remember one time I was in the back seat of her car when she backed into her cousin’s car…in the driveway…the car she KNEW was there…parked. We still laugh at that. She would laugh at that. My mom didn’t get upset about the things in life she did because she wasn’t that person.” -Andi

“I have many a memory of Pam. She was there during the darkest times of my life and she was there for the brightest. Pam once told me that she didn’t need to have any more of her own children long as her friends continue to do that for her. She loved my children as her own and they loved her back. Going to Aunt Pam’s house was a weekend goal. There were movies and games and a lot of spoiling at her house. Two words: Happy Feet. I loved being her supplier of squishy yarn! She would make me socks and keep the leftover yarn and make her more socks. We would take little trips out of town to find the “all important” squishy yarn. Pam was so creative. My children have hats, quilts, stockings, socks, and scarves. Really, my favorite memories were the basic everyday events. We would cut wood as a family, go hunting, fishing, camping, eat holiday meals, and spontaneous family meals together. My all-time favorite memories involve playing cards with our spouses. We would play Marine Spades every night after the children went to bed. The main rule was your game partner couldn’t be your spouse, so I partnered with her husband and she would partner with mine. Pam was an excellent card player. One might even use the phrase card shark! If you went nil, she feed you a book. If you thought you could only go board, she’d feed you extra books just so you would end up going back points eventually. Crafty card player, she was. Pam also took the time to play other games with the children. She also loved WoW and other online games. She was hard to beat and she didn’t let the kids win because they were kids. She taught them HOW to win and expected them to do it on their own. Pam was the best of us and having her gone has dimmed the light of our world.” -Vicki

“I asked Pam once why she always went easy on her husband when we played the card game Magic. She told me that she went easy on him because he worked 50 hours a week and she knew didn’t have the time to build a deck for a silly game. He worked hard so she could stay home and raise their child, she could even the game out by playing a little easy on him.” -Bronson

“When Pam was 4 or 5, her and her sister decided to make Kool-Aid. Pam climbed up the drawers to the counter to get the makings for the Kool-Aid while Ami drug a chair over to the sink to fill the pitcher. Pam and Ami were on the chair after filling up the jug with water when they opened the packet of red Kool-Aid. The packet sprayed over the cat that had hidden under the chair. The girls didn’t want to get caught so they thought they would pour the water over the cat. Her mom and I figured out what happened when a pink cat walked into our room. Same time frame, they decide to make French fries. They knew they needed oil, so they got the oil out and dropped it on the floor dumping the whole bottle. First Pam fell when she got off the chair. When Ami got down off the chair she fell on Pam. This gave them the idea to spread the oil all over the kitchen floor and use it to go sliding around the kitchen…which is how I found them. When she was 5 or 6, her and her sister wouldn’t stop talking, so they would always be some sort of punishment. Ami would be shushing her and Pam would be talking. When Pam was in high school she was in civil air patrol. I had to sit in the car when she learned to drive. She had her permit, but she couldn’t talk and drive at the same time. Everything bad that happened was because she would look at me to talk to me. One day we were heading out to Ruth lake and she went into the ditch 3 times because she would look over at me and her hands would follow her eyes. One day her papa and I took her out ocean fishing. She got sooooooo sick, but she refused to let us go in. We eventually went in and fished off the dock. She wasn’t happy until she caught a fish. One day she was at a swap meet with her grandpa Wes. I told him not to feed her at the swap meet because she would get car sick on the ride home. Grandpa decided he knew best and stuffed her full of anything she wanted. She ended up throwing up on his lap in his car. Lesson learned. Another time, in high school, we did a contract where if the kids were drunk they would call to get picked up. She decided to skip school. During her adventure with her girlfriend, they decided to drink a bit of everything. She called me and asked to be picked up. I carried her home and she learned to never mix your alcohol.” -Jed (Dad)

“One time Pam insisted on sleeping on the top bunk. The alarm went off in the morning and she stepped off the top bunk and fell to the floor. We embarrassed my mom once when she was having party. We were in the bathroom shooting tampons at each other. My Papa's favorite story was the time him and my grandma took us to the Sequoia Zoo. We got to see all the snakes. Well later that night Pam had a nightmare there were snakes in the bed. So, she was shouting "Nake Nake!" Her and I stood on the headboard of the bed while we made my papa stripe the bed checking for snakes. Mind you, poor guy was in only his underpants and a t-shirt” Ami

“I can't remember how many times I'd creep into their room at night and listen to Pam and Ami talk in their sleep. They'd hold entire conversations with each other and be completely asleep. For a long time, I never told them but that's how this mom knew things that they'd done that they shouldn't have.” -Janet (mom)

“She was always at the kids’ birthday parties sitting in the corner by Jackson street door knitting away. She never said much, but when she left she would tell me how much fun she had. She loved her Pokémon Go too.” -Dr. Pam

“When Pam& Ami were small, their parents Janet & Jed, Scott & I were all stationed at Subbase Bangor Washington. We did a lot together as Families picnics dinners at each other's houses going to the lake, etc. We happened to have a lake near our houses, my 3 older kids, Laurel Scotty and Daniel along with Pam & Ami decided to go on an adventure to the lake, so the 5 snuck off. While tossing rocks in the water Pam fell in, so the others had to fish her out. All the kids came home soaked.” -Joy

“One of my favorites was when we were kids and we all went to Sea World together. Pam got called down to where the seal was performing and received a kiss from the seal. My oldest memory of Pam and Ami was when they were tiny little babies and they were at Grandpa & Grandma Dean's house sleeping in dresser drawers. They were the tiniest babies I had ever seen.” -April

There will be a Celebration of Life July 15, 2017 at Swimmers Delight in Carlotta California. We will be doing all the things Pam loved. Make sure you bring your fishing pole and the kids. In lieu of flowers please donate to:

Hospice of North Idaho 9493 N. Government Way, Hayden ID 83835 or your local Hospice group in memory of Pam Floyd.

The family would like to thank North Idaho Hospice for everything they did. Hospice workers truly are angels who are walking the earth.

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who came, stayed by your side, and never left you when you needed someone the most.”