William Frank Bixby

William (Bill) Frank Bixby was born in a log house February 1, 1934 in Faunce, Minnesota, to Arthur Frank Bixby and Gladys Irene Denton.  He was the 4th of eight children.

Bill's schooling began in a country school, then he finished 7th and 8th grades and started his Freshman year at Williams School in Williams, Minnesota.  While in the army, he took his GED to finish high school.

He was inducted into the army in 1955 and served 2 years.  He spent time in Korea as a medic.

Bill married Eleanor on December 5, 1957 in Williams Minnesota. They divorced in December 1987.  They had four children:  Michael Bixby was killed in a logging accident in 1986.

Lonnie Goff is married to Greg and lives in Castle Rock, Washington.  

She has a daughter, Lisa, and two sons, Guy and Jeremiah; a grandson, Dustin, and a granddaughter, Kaylee.

Bill Bixby is married to Lori and lives in Hayden, Idaho.   They have a son, Nathan, and a daughter, Emily.

Tammy Russell lives in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. She has two daughters, Samantha and Tiffany, and two sons, Michael and Zane.

Bill married Delphine on January 1, 1988 in Winlock, Washington.  She lives at their home in Hayden, Idaho.

Bill was a farmer, mill worker, horse shoer, log truck driver, logger.  He always loved horses.

He loved the Lord, and his heart's desire was that his children be saved.

He passed away on October 10, 2017, and now sleeps in Jesus, awaiting the resurrection.